Brief overview

The Netherlands Center for Genetic Biodiversity Assessments
is an unique collaboration between Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), KWR Watercycle Research Insitute and BaseClear, combining world leading expertise on taxonomy, ecology, evolution and genetics. Using our extended DNA reference collections, our high-tech lab facilities and our bioinformatic pipelines, we continuously improve and apply genetic biodiversity assessments, making them more rapid, accurate, reliable and cost effective. Applications are in freshwater quality, marine benthic surveys, soil fertility diagnosis, air pollen distribution or invasive species surveillance. Genetic assessments are already widely used for impact analyses.

Besides the joint research lines of the partners involved, the center provides services for consultancies, contractors and scientific institutes. Questions concerning genetic species identification and detection and the environmental consequences of their presence or absence can be addressed by DNA Biomonitoring. Among the stakeholders are Universities, Water Boards, NGO’s, consultancies and laboratories.

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